In a School/College usually having various Groups greatly helps to have a strong grass root communication between the members.

If everything is published for everyone, it limits the kinds of communication that can be achieved. Members associated with the School/College have different interests at different times. In such a case the ability to have multiple Groups for a School/College provides the perfect means.

Some example of Groups could be

  • Sports/Hockey/Basketball/Soccer/Golf
  • Cultural/Dramatics/Debate/Spelling Bee
  • Science Fair/Physics, Chemistry, Biology Experiments

Each of us has great capacity and interest to excel in certain things. dschool enables you to identify and achieve them. Learning for life is the cornerstone of our life and dschool strives to make it fun and enhance our results.


dschool provides 2 kinds of Groups:

  • Groups associated to the School/College and visible only to its members
  • Groups public to the Community

Public Groups connect members across Schools/Colleges. These could be for Internships, Inter School Competitions etc.