Organizing Events is usually difficult to plan and execute to success. dschool makes organizing events much simpler. It provides the following:

  • Conduct Survey on the Event (if needed) to ensure success. Surveys can be conducted on things like date for the Event, Format of the Event etc.
  • Posting the details of the Events.
  • Easily managing multiple Events for the School/College.
  • Easily updating the details of the Events as more details emerge.
  • Allowing people to respond to Events whether they will attend or not.
  • Integrating with Paypal by adding Payment Buttons generated by Paypal.
  • During and after the event posting photo albums on the site through Picasa and YouTube.

Below are the Steps you can follow on dschool to organize your events.

Conduct Survey

This step is needed if there are some things regarding the Event you need to get people's view on. Right Event structure is critical to the success of the Event.

Post your Event

  • Post the event on makes posting events easy and powerful.
  • You can select whether you want the users to respond to the Event or do not.
  • If you want the users to respond to the event, then you can see how many would be attending.

What if there is an Entrance fee for the Event

  • Paypal is one easy way to integrate Payments.
  • You can create HTML code for the PayPal buttons and publish it in the Event. When users click on the buttons, they are taken to Paypal for payments.

After the Event

  • Post the event photographs to a Picasa Album and publish them on dschool.
  • Post the event videos to YouTube and publish them on dschool.