School Website Steps to Create Website Benefits
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    Create School / College :

    • Create your School/College by going here :
    • Since you created the School/College, you have admin rights to the School. Admin users view an enhanced set of links that allow them to add content to the school/college. Other users do not see these links, nor have the rights to edit the content of the School.
    • You can also assign Admin priviledges to ony other user connected with the School/College.

    Add Menu Items & Content to the Menu Items : 

    Once you have created your School, the next steps are:

    When you create your School on, you get the following features:
    • Rich web site for your School, containing Tables, Photos & Videos
    • Login/Registration on the site for Teachers, Students & Alumni
    • Ability to organize Events
    • Post School Jobs
    • Ability to conduct Surveys
    • Track Fees/Payments made by various members of the School
    • And Many More...