Help Benefits

    Help provides the following:

    • How to build your Institute/Chapter Website on dschool.
    • How to power your Domain Name with dschool.
    • How to easily organize large and small events with dschool.
    • How to enable easy communication with Groups.
    • How to set the banner of your School website.
    • How to enable online Payments.

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    • Rich web site for your School, containing Rich Text, Tables, Photos, Videos & Maps
    • Login/Registration on the site for Teachers, Students, Parents & Alumni
    • Ability to create multiple small Groups that can form the heart of all School Activities
    • Ability to conduct Surveys
    • Ability to organize Events
    • Add PayPal buttons to enable payments for Events, Donations etc.
    • Manage your School Fees/Payments made by the various Members
    • Automate your School Admission Process
    • Post School Jobs
    • Through Analytics, get the daily hits to the various modules of the Site

    And Many More...