Own Domain

You can create your school at dschool.co and still use your own Domain Name. Below are the steps to point your domain to your school created on dschool.co.


Get your Domain

  • Get your domain from say godaddy.com or omnis.com etc.


Create your School on dschool.co

  • Create your school on dschool.co
  • If your domain name is say 'www.chiranjeeveeplayschool.com', your short school name on dschool.co should be 'chiranjeeveeplayschool'.
  • dschool.co uses the above connection to serve out your school content on your domain.


Configure your Domain to point to dschool.co server

  • Configure your domain to point to the IP address of the dschool.co server which is
    • ​Set your domain web DNS Records of Type A to point to
    • While your changes will appear in the name servers within minutes,  it can take up to 72 hours for new records to propagate to all name servers on the Internet.
  • You are DONE. dschool.co would serve out your school content on your own domain.


Some of the Sites powered by dschool.co on their own domain