Role of Admin in Managing the School/College Site


Admin plays an important in the overall Management of the School/College Site. An Admin can publish public content such as create the School/College site with the tools provided.


Who can be an Admin of the School/College site

  • Admin has to be someone who is responsible, connected to the School/College, interested in taking on the role and is an Internet User


What are the Responsibilities of the Admin

  • When a user joins a School/College, a request is sent to the school to either Accept or Deny the Request. Only the Admin can view this request and respond appropriately to it.
  • Admin can also add menu/sub-menu and content to the page on the site. Content includes Rich Text, Photo Albums, Videos etc.
  • Admin can make other users of the school Admin/Non-Admin.
  • The Admin also has the rights to disconnect an inappropriate user from the School/College.